This is a complete list of all my books (WIP and published. X means the books is already published and available via most retailers, i.e., iBooks, Amazon, Nook, ect) Paperbacks can be found here, and I often post my WIP’s for FREE on Wattpad. All my books, WIP or not, are all written in the same multiverse – though not all books/book characters interact with each other or are from the same time period. For a suggested reading list of my books, please click here, and for more information about each series and where it’s placed within the cosmos check out the link in the series titles. Thank you for supporting my books! ^-^

☒ Fallen Rose
☐ Eternal Rose
☐ Crown of Thorns
+ co-written, plus more tba

☐ Black Heart (working title)
+ co-written, plus more tba

☒ Newborn
☒ Spellbound
☐ Heartless
☐ Chosen
☐ Revamped

☐ Tainted Blood
+ 5 more books tba

☐ Suicidal Dreams
☐ Suicidal Tendencies
+ more tba

And within it’s own little poetic island…

☐ Cat Academy
☐ Catfish
+ more tba

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